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Hay Steamer Technology at its Best

A HAYGAIN hay steamer is the revolutionary solution to enhance, protect and care for your horse’s health. Take at look at our top quality products and contact us for further information, a consult with our staff veterinarian or to place an order at 1.800.525.4339 or email us for more information at info@haygain.us.

Save Time and Money with a HAYGAIN Hay Steamer – Technology That Works

Choose a HAYGAIN hay steamer for your horse and save money on vets bills, time spent soaking and potentially reduce your supplements and medications. The advantages of using a hay steamer to treat your horses hay are:
Unlike soaking, steaming hay at temperatures in excess of 212 degrees Fahrenheit kills the harmful spores, mold, mites and bacteria found in hay.
• Specifically designed and manufactured hay steamers that are thermally insulated and sealed.
• Portable hay steamers for events and traveling are available as well to steam on the go!
• Nutrients are retained in steamed hay versus being leached out during the soaking process.
• Saves on water use, so it is environmentally friendly.
A HAYGAIN hay steamer is designed so that they are simple to use and efficient to operate.

HAYGAIN is utilized to prevent your horses from developing a respiratory condition such as inflammatory airway disease (IAD), recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) or ‘heaves’, also known as chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD).  If your horse has one of these conditions, it is a great tool to assist in alleviating the symptoms and making your horse more comfortable. It’s not only the horses that will benefit from the absence of dangerous spores; you and your grooms will be protected too.


Kill the Mold Spores, Cut Down on the Dust and Provide a Palatable Forage for your Horse

If you have further questions, please contact us at 1.800.525.4339 or email us for more information at info@haygain.us.

The Haygain Range of Products


Haygain HG-2000

The HG-2000 for is suitable for more than 4 horses. Capable of holding a small strung bale of hay or up to 35kg of loose hay or haynets.

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Haygain HG-600

The HG-600 is ideal for up to 4 horses. The HG-600 is the most suitable for the livery or yard owners who can repeat steam easily. Capable of holding a half bale of hay or 15kg of loose hay or haynets.

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Haygain HG-One

The HG-One is HAYGAIN’s latest development and is ideal for use with 1 or 2 horses or when traveling to ensure that your horse’s diet maintains consistency.

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HAYGAIN patented method is steaming from the inside out.

What our customers say…

To perform at their best, my event horses need clear airways and since using a HAYGAIN I have seen a big improvement in them.
Matthew Wright, International Event Rider
Its so easy to use, the horse’s love it, I love it, its just so practical. I used to soak, but this is much easier and no dripping wet hay nets to pull out of tubs which used to hurt my back!
Jo Measures, Dressage Rider/Producer
I think HAYGAIN is beneficial and Mandurah got his confidence back winning this winter at Oaklawn in Arkansas while eating hay that had been processed with the HAYGAIN hay steamer.
Grant Forster, Louisville, Kentucky - Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer
Prior to HAYGAIN, the outlook for my horse, TRUSTY JOHN, was a life of medication and a diagnosis of COPD. Then we found HAYGAIN and it has changed our lives!!!
Joanne Bache, Rehoboth, Massachusetts