November 12, 2021

Free Webinar: Evidence Is Everything in Sport Horse Evaluation, Performance & Longevity

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By Kim Miller  | Equestrian Writer

Canadian horsemen Tim Worden, PhD, and Sean Jobin are out-of-the-box thinkers. Their evidence-based approaches to equine athlete selection, development, performance and management are gaining notice and credibility. Their work and results are at the forefront of aligning the management of elite equine athletes with what’s happening in the world of elite human athletic performance.

Dr. Worden’s expertise in equine biomechanics and sports science synthesizes the concepts into actionable steps for all owners looking to get the most out of their partnership with their horse. As a rising star on the Grand Prix jumping circuit, Sean and his horses are poster boys for applying evidence-based approaches.

Tune In November 18 at Noon EST.

Sean and Dr. Worden will share their ideas and experiences in a free webinar presented by Haygain and Ontario Equestrian on Thursday, Nov. 18 at noon EST via this Webinar Link. The 45-minute discussion will include an introduction to Dr. Worden and Sean’s way of thinking about horse management, some specific examples of how it’s helped their horses and time for your questions.

About Dr. Worden & Sean Jobin

Dr. Worden completed his PhD graduate studies in Biomechanics at the University of Guelph, Canada in 2016. His focus is applying evidence-based training and management practices to sport horses. He has consulted for Equestrian Canada and has worked with a number of FEI riders to provide detailed performance analytics. He has studied different training programs and their relationship to performance and generated a database of jumping competition results.

Dr. Worden is passionate about disseminating impactful research with key stakeholders in the sport horse community. He is a frequent writer for online equestrian publications and has contributed to a number of informational videos.

Dr. Worden is a Researcher at Equine Analytics LLC, a Sports Scientist at Tim Worden Consulting, a director of the Sport Horse Research Foundation and a member of the Equine High Performance Sports Group.

“The overall goal when coaching an athlete, including horses, is to light a fire in them,” Dr Worden explains. “Put them in a position where they enjoy their job and want to do it well. Once we figure out how to make a horse happy and willing to perform, then we pour kerosene on that fire. We build the confidence, make sure they always have positive experiences, and then the horse will really fly.”

Sean Jobin is a young Canadian currently making his mark on the FEI jumping circuit with the 13-year-old KWPN Darius and a string of up-and-coming horses. His Double Clear Show Jumping is based at Foxridge Stable’s locations in Ocala, Fla, and the Columbus area’s Galena.

As a junior, Sean earned his opportunities as a working student for top professionals and developed the skill of bringing the best out of a wide range of horses.

Sean’s interest in finding new ways to enhance his horse’s well-being and performance continues to be unquenchable. “There's always more we can do to improve our ability to train our horses and keep them happier and healthier for longer."

Likely Topics

· Using data analytics to identify and overcome barriers to performance.

· Analyzing a horse’s nutrition needs.

· Assessing the horse’s physiological, emotional and mental “battery” status.

· Implementing gait analysis results into a training program.

· Evaluating equine athlete potential

· Wearable monitors for heart rate, stride length, speed, force of impact, etc.

· Your questions!

Please join Dr. Worden and Sean for what’s sure to be a lively and educational discussion! Brought to you by Haygain and Ontario Equestrian and free to all.

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