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Haygain & HITS: Perfect Partners

Haygain & HITS: Perfect Partners

Horse Shows In The Sun (HITS) is all about staging top flight hunter/jumper competition and Haygain USA is all about ensuring that horses are healthy and ready to perform at their peak. So it makes perfect sense that the innovative, research-driven horse health company is sponsoring HITS hunter/jumper show circuits in California and New York this year.

Haygain USA’s sponsorship of these long-standing meccas of equestrian excellence reflects the company’s ever-increasing commitment to helping horse owners achieve and maintain optimal equine health and well-being.

Flagship product, the Haygain Hay Steamer, was developed 10 years ago in conjunction with the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, England. Horsemen throughout Europe were quick to embrace the benefits, while Olympic show jumpers Beezie Madden and Lauren Hough were among the first Americans to incorporate it into their horses’ everyday routines, at-home, at tournaments and while travelling the world.As the prevalence of conditions on the Equine Asthma Spectrum, especially Inflammatory Airway Disease, has become better understood, proactive horse owners are following their lead. Haygain’s one-hour steaming cycle virtually rids hay of respirable dust, fungi, bacteria, mold and other inhalable irritants that jeopardize the horse’s vulnerable respiratory system. It’s a system that can’t be strengthened or improved through training or conditioning. So, protection is the priority, which explains the spiraling popularity of hay steaming throughout the States.

Haygain added ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring to its roster two years ago. For respiratory health, it’s an ideal addition to hay steaming because it drastically reduces the need for stall bedding. Shavings and straw are hay’s partners in crime when it comes to producing dangerous air quality in the barn – for horses and their people. Because it’s seamless and sealed to the wall, ComfortStall also eliminates another big respiratory health risk: ammonia accumulation that occurs when urine seeps and festers under stall mats.

ComfortStall’s benefits go beyond respiratory. Its firm, yet cushioned surface accelerates recovery, from surgery, regular work-outs and everything in between. Plus, the proprioceptive benefits of standing on ComfortStall are a form of 24/7 physical therapy that builds and maintains muscles and supports joint health and longevity.

The Flexineb E2 System delivers aerolized drugs and natural therapies to the horse’s airways. It is silent and its flexible mask fits comfortably and seals well to maximize inhalation. 

Stop In For A Steam

Starting this week, the heavenly scent wafting from Haygain Hay Steamers will lead exhibitors to the company’s booth during Week I, Jan. 15-20, and Week VIII, March 12-17, of eight weeks of competition at the HITS Coachella Desert Circuit in Thermal, California. ComfortStall will provide its unique cushion and energy-rebound for visitors, who can also check out the Flexineb E2 Nebulizer.            

In New York, Haygain will be on site during weeks V, July 24-28, and VIII, Sept. 3-8, of the HITS Saugerties Series, aka “HITS On The Hudson.”

Sales representatives Kaitlyn Zaleski, in California, and Ryan Murphy, in New York, will be on hand to demo the equipment and provide complimentary steamed hay to those who want their horses to experience its scientifically proven respiratory, digestive and appetite-inducing benefits.

Free steamer trials are also available by arrangement with Kaitlyn 862-703-1150 or Ryan 336-362-7507. 

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