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ComfortStall revolutionary flooring system - new to Haygain

ComfortStall revolutionary flooring system - new to Haygain


Founded in 2008 Haygain made its name globally with its range of hay steamer units, which provide the only scientifically proven method for purifying hay. A company deeply committed to scientific research, the Haygain hay steamers eliminate virtually all respirable dust particles found in hay; killing mold, bacteria, fungal spores and mites, which contribute to inflamed airway passages and a range of equine respiratory health issues.

Now, as a natural expansion to addressing dust found in hay Haygain are turning to the dust found in the stall with its acquisition of ComfortStall, the US company that revolutionized stall flooring.

“The ComfortStall Flooring System offers a unique solution to the dusty, ammonia-laden stable atmosphere which can lead to respiratory problems in both horses and humans. We recently showed the system at the BETA show in England and the reception was nothing short of outstanding” Haygain CEO Edzo Wisman said.

Hidden Threats to Equine Respiratory Health

Haygain’s mission to improve equine respiratory health addresses a basic equine need that many horse owners and riders don’t even know is compromised: the need to breathe freely.

Recent research showed that 84% of horses tested suffered from Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) – and that steamed hay reduced the incidence of IAD by an impressive 63%. Dr. Van Erck-Westergen, who led the study, said the prevalence of IAD is higher than generally assumed – partly due to the absence of obvious symptoms.

Respiratory health and air quality are inextricably linked. Traditional horsekeeping misconceptions, like the idea that more is better when it comes to stall bedding and that high-quality hay contains no respiratory or digestive threats, are now being consequently debunked by the veterinary and scientific community.

That stall filled with banked corners of fluffy shavings and a pile of lush, fresh-looking hay could be the cause of that persistent cough or limited lung capacity that compromises equine health and performance potential.

ComfortStall Reduces Respiratory Threats

ComfortStall’s padded and sealed wall-to-wall flooring system is a much healthier alternative to deep and dusty stall bedding. Because it eliminates the need for bedding to provide cushioning, only the amount of shavings needed to absorb body waste is used. Fewer shavings in the stall translate to less dust in the air and fresher air quality for horse and human alike.

A reduction of UP TO 75% in shavings usage, dust, labor, disposal and expense has proven to be the norm in ComfortStall barns, and those cost savings can potentially offset the expense of purchase and installation within a year. In fact, in a commercial setting, ComfortStall generally pays for itself in less than a year.

All the while, ComfortStall’s medical grade foam cushioning improves joint health and circulation by massaging the frog of the foot with every step, and provides an invitation for the horse to lie down for longer periods, which studies indicate results in better sleep quality and performance.

With its impermeable IronCladTM TopCover it also prevents any urine or other body waste from sneaking underneath the flooring to collect, breed bacteria and off-gas harmful ammonia vapors, as happens with alternative flooring companies.

Long-term reliability is a hallmark of the ComfortStall Flooring System, with its industry-leading 6-year guarantee and 10+ years’ track record of zero failures or complaints for its IronCladTM TopCover.

Haygain Steams Away Respirable Contaminants

Think about your horse’s hay: amongst scientists and veterinarians it is by now widely accepted that even top-quality top-dollar hay is loaded with particles that get into the horse’s airway and lungs. Those respirable contaminants may be from dirt dust, leaf shatter, mold spores or other causes, but their effect on the horse is universally negative.

The effects are not always seen. Possibly a cough, but in most instances the effects of the dust are internal. As mentioned above, over 80% of horses stabled fro part of the day suffer from airway inflammation. 25% of people working with horses will also develop a respiratory condition. The effects are wide reaching. Quality of life for the horse, increased vet bills and a negative impact on performance.

Haygain has more than 15 scientific studies to its name showing the benefits of steaming hay with a Haygain hay steamer. A 99% reduction in mould, fungi and bacteria, a 94% reduction in respirable particles, and a 63% reduction in IAD are just some of the studies.

About Haygain

Haygain is committed to improving equine health through scientific research, product innovation and consumer education in respiratory and other equine health issues. With offices in the USA and England, Haygain manufactures products for healthier horses to 19 countries, including its Haygain® Hay Steamers, ComfortStall® Flooring System, ForagerTM Slow Feeder and Flexineb Nebulizer. Visit for more information

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