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Haygain USA Adds Horse(man) Power in the Northeast

Haygain USA Adds Horse(man) Power in the Northeast

Ryan Murphy joins Haygain USA as New England regional sales consultant, bringing a remarkable horseman’s resume to the maker of equine health products including Haygain Hay Steamers and the ComfortStall Orthopedic Sealed Flooring System.

A three-time USA World Cup Polocrosse player, Ryan was raised with horses and gained hands-on experience with various disciplines through his U.S. Pony Club upbringing. His father John Murphy DVM is a Pennsylvania National Racetrack veterinarian and his mother Marilyn Murphy is a breeder with expertise in Hanoverians, Oldenburgs and Australian Stock Horses, Polocrosse’s breed of choice.

As is the case with most Haygain customers, Ryan’s experience enabled him to immediately see the benefits of steamed hay and ComfortStall flooring. “They both make sense and are based on simple concepts,” he says. “They are easy to talk about.” Since signing on a few months ago, Ryan has been doing a lot of exactly that. At the World Equestrian Games in North Carolina, he helped fulfill steamed hay requests from 35 teams and individual riders, from all over the world and across all disciplines.

During the Indoors hunter/jumper circuit this fall, Ryan continued talking Haygain benefits with everyone from big fans, showjumping stars John and Beezie Madden, to newcomers. “I’d say about 60% of the people I talk to have seen one or know a friend that has a steamer, and the rest have never seen one,” he observes.

ComfortStall is familiar in Ryan’s Northeast territory because it was developed in conjunction with the Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, where it’s still going strong 10 years after installation in the surgery and anesthesia department. Veterinarians are jumping on Haygain USA’s vet referral program, Ryan notes, and free steaming at shows and short steamer trials are big hits with individual horse owners and trainers.

Several of Ryan’s trainer clients have enlisted their horse owners to help with upfront steamer and flooring costs, based on their confidence in return on investments in the form of improved horse health and performance, plus an up to 70% reduction in stall bedding.

You can enter to win a portable HG One Hay Steamer at most of Ryan's appearances. Next up is Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA this week, then it's on to San Francisco for the America Association of Equine Practitioner's convention in December. The New Year will take Ryan to the hunter/jumper and dressage hub of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL. 

Wherever he is, Haygain is not a hard sell. Ryan likens the company’s products to the BMWs and Mercedes of the auto industry. “These are super high quality products with great customer service behind them.”

In his free time, Ryan continues to promote Polocrosse and hopes to get back in the irons himself soon. He’s written two books on Polocrosse training and is conducting a youth clinic in December near his Boston-area home. Although he has played and coached the sport at the highest levels, what Ryan loves most about Polocrosse is that it can be enjoyed at many levels. Staged on a smaller field (160 by 60 yards) than those used by regular polo, it involves players of various ages and abilities – humans and horses. “It’s more of a family sport,” he explains. “Often you’ll camp with your family and have games on Saturday and Sunday, where you’re on a team with your parents or even grandparents.”

Speaking from experience, Ryan says Polocrosse is a great way to launch a life with horses. “It teaches kids to have balance without thinking about every part of their body. They’re just thinking, ‘How do I get the ball and make it fly through the air?’ You have to ride correctly to stay on, but it’s a relaxing and fun way to learn.”

To find out more about Haygain in the Northeast, contact Ryan Murphy at 336 362 7507.


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