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What professional riders have said about our Haygain steamers in 2019

What professional riders have said about our Haygain steamers in 2019

Professional riders put their horse's health and well being at the forefront of everything they do.

Haygain does too!

Improving the performance horse’s health with our innovative and proven Steamers have resulted in some fantastic success stories. As we draw a close to 2019 we have looked back at some of the amazing testimonials we have received from riders across the world. Here is a selection below – 

"Incorporating Haygain steamers into my horse’s feed program ensures they are getting the full nutritional value of their hay without the risk of respiratory problems” 

Lauren Hough, International Show Jumper, Team USA Three-time medalist Pan American Games, 2010 World Equestrian Games, World Cup Finalist, 2000 Olympics

“There’s never a guarantee when purchasing hay. Haygain is a way of ensuring we are doing everything possible to keep our horses at their best.” 

 Alison Firestone Robitaille, International Show Jumper.

 “I really appreciate you building such a superior product. I never want to go back to soaking hay again; as an asthmatic and an athlete myself, I cannot stick my nose in a regular bale of hay, but I can in a bale that has come out of the Haygain machine!”   

Wren Burnley, DVM, and Grand Prix dressage rider.

 "We started using Haygain for Spirit when we first got her, because she coughed quite a bit and we never knew what it was. It really seemed to work and ever since, she's been really fit and healthy, so we use it for all the horses now."  

 Jessica Mendoza, Team GBR, International Show Jumper Olympian, Nations Cup, 10 European Grand Prix titles   

“PH Barton (Rupert) loves his steamed hay and it keeps his cough at bay”   

Says Gloucestershire Police Mounted Regiment  

“We are incredibly happy to have added the Haygain hay steamer to our program,” 

Olympic and World Equestrian Games gold medal show jumper McLain Ward. 

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