6 Key Health Benefits of 
Haygain Steamed Hay

All of these benefits contribute to peak health, performance and overall well-being.

Supports Respiratory Health


Supports Digestive Health


Aids with Hydration



Appetite Enhancement


Reduce Allergies


Optimise Performance

  • 1. Respiratory Health
  • 2. Digestive Health
  • 3. Hydration
  • 4. Appetite Enhancement
  • 5. Allergies
  • 6. Performance
  • Multiple studies prove that respiratory challenges affect over 80% of active sport horses, often without obvious symptoms. The cause is inflammation in the upper and lower airways, triggered by inhalation of microscopic particles that irritate the lining of the respiratory tract.

  • Veterinarians agree that reducing respirable particles in the horse’s environment is the most effective way to reduce the risk of respiratory problems.

  • Forage is the biggest source of respirable particles in most horses’ environment, especially in their breathing zone.

  • Haygain’s patented steaming system is the only method proven to reduce up to 99% of the respirable particles commonly found in forage. And it does so without reducing nutrients.

Did you know?

Haygain Steamed Hay can reduce the risk of inflammatoryairway disease by 65%

  • By deactivating mould and bacteria commonly found in hay, Haygain steaming reduces the risk of colics related to ingesting these particles. A 2009 study showed that horses fed hay of poor hygienic quality were significantly more susceptible to colic than those fed clean hay.

  • Haygain steaming increases the moisture content in forage. More water supports healthy digestion and the passage of roughage through the digestive tract which helps prevent impaction colics.

  • Haygain’s proven appetite appeal helps ensure horses get their needed nutrients. The saliva generated by chewing helps protect the stomach lining from naturally occurring acids that can cause ulcers.

Did you know?

Soaking hay can increase the bacteria content by almost 150%, including bacteria that can contribute to colic. Haygain Steaming helps reduce harmful bacteria.

  • Haygain Steamed Hay has more moisture than dry hay – in some cases three times the water content. This helps with hydration, which is critical to all cellular function.

Did you know?

Haygain Steaming can increase the water content in hay by up to 3X: good for hydration and digestion.

  • Haygain’s proven palatability entices even picky eaters to get their needed nutrients. This is especially valuable when travel stresses or illness might normally put the horse off their feed.

Did you know?

Forage should be the main source of nutrition for most horses. The proven appeal of Haygain Steamed Hay helps horses get the nutrients they need.

  • Allergens trigger symptoms ranging from inflamed airways and the related difficulty breathing to nasal discharge and skin problems.

  • Respirable dust in hay includes mould, fungi and bacteria that are often allergy triggers. This is true even in hay of excellent nutrient content. By significantly reducing these particles, Haygain Steaming reduces allergy risks and helps manage horses with allergic reactions to these particles.

Did you know?

Researchers Lanz et al at the University of Bern found there is a risk that horses suffering from one allergy at a certain point in time may develop other allergies in the future. Their study also showed horses with insect bite hypersensitivity had increased airway hypersensitivity even without showing symptoms of equine asthma at that time.

  • Haygain Steamed Hay’s positive impact on respiratory, digestive and nutritional health support peak equine performance. Haygain is relied on and recommended by Olympic equestrians and veterinarians worldwide for that reason.

Did you know?

Oxygen fuels the function of all cells in the horse’s body. Compromised respiratory function can impede the flow of oxygen from the lungs into the blood stream and impede the outflow of carbon dioxide.

"Even a little bit of inflammation or obstruction anywhere in the respiratory tract has a big impact on performance," Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck Westergren. 

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Benefits for You

Haygain is dedicated to horse health. It’s icing on the cake that Haygain Steamed Hay helps owners in many ways, too!

Good for your Health

A study at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, showed that 25% of people working with horses have a diagnosed respiratory condition such as asthma.

Clean, hygienic hay contributes greatly to healthy stable air. That’s great for your horses, for you and for everyone who helps care for them.

Good for your Wallet

Steamed Hay’s proven palatability results in less wasted hay. Its support of respiratory, digestive and overall health can help keep veterinary bills at bay and ensure consistent training routines.

Good for the Environment

Haygain Steaming uses substantially less water than soaking hay, a less effective and outdated method of reducing respirable particles from forage. Soaking hay requires between 60 and 100 litres of water, while Haygain steaming requires just 4 litres. Worse, soaking leaches nutrients from the hay and the effluent from soaking can be up to 9X more polluted than raw sewage. Haygain Steaming produces no environmental pollutants.

Steamed hay’s appealing taste and texture result in less hay that’s wasted and needs to be hauled away.

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Haygain hay steamers are used and recommended for performance by world-class riders, trainers, veterinarians and scientists globally.

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  • Features two of our patented spiked manifolds

  • Double skinned thermally insulated chest

  • Feeds 4+ horses

  • Can accommodate a fully strung bale or 44-66 lbs of loose forage

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  • Double skinned thermally insulated chest

  • Feeds 1-3 horses

  • Hold up to 20-31 lbs of forage either in a haynet or loose, the equivalent of half a small strung bale of hay

  • Ideal as a travel unit for shows and competitions

  • Double skinned thermally insulated chest

  • Feeds one pony

  • Holds up to 11-15 lbs of forage either in a haynet or loose wedges

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