Charlotte Dujardin

Multiple World and Olympic Champion

"Possibly the greatest thing we have done for our horses to date. Installing ComfortStall in their stables. It has made so many differences to them, especially the young ones"

"We are always looking for ways to keep our horses more comfortable, healthier, happier and performing at their peak, partnering with Haygain is a perfect fit with our horse keeping philosophy."

Joe Stockdale

Joe Stockdale

2022 ECCO World Championships Team Bronze
“All our horses get steamed hay all the time. It makes such a difference – not only for their breathing, but they love the hay. The way they eat it and enjoy it is just not something we want to change." “My top 3 horses have Forager Slow Feeders.
They all love it and it’s been a bit of a game changer for my top mare, Equine
America Cacharel. She’s a very fussy eater. She’s very alert and sticking her
head out the door so much she almost forgets to eat. As soon as we put the
Forager in there, she just keeps picking away at her food." “I see ComfortStall as the leading product in its field and no other flooring product does what it does."

William Fox-Pitt

Three Olympic Medals, 7 World Championship medals

“[We] take the smaller unit away to
competitions all over Europe, which we find essential. The horses have been
free from coughs and nasal discharge, they are healthy and performing well - so
what more can I ask for?”

Laura Tomlinson

Laura Tomlinson

2X Olympic Medalist, 3X World Championship

"We use Haygain as it eliminates dust but
maintains all the nutrition....Before using Haygain our horses would often
cough and need to clear their airways after a long journey, but with Haygain we
can dramatically reduce the dust they breathe in."

Scott Brash

Olympic Gold Medalist, Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping winner

“Haygain really helps get the dust particles out of hay and haylage and that helps us be at the forefront of doing everything we can do for our horses’ health.”

Nicky Greenhill

Nicky Greenhill

2021 Top Ranked Grade IV rider in Great Britain.
Nicky’s mare Betty Boo is “really fussy. She doesn’t like soaked hay and she wasn’t even that keen on dry hay.”  Complicating matters, the mare had tie-back surgery (a laryngoplasty) that helped her breathing, but makes her more susceptible to inhaling particles that can irritant and inflame the respiratory tract.