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65% reduction in IAD

Research research shows that using a Haygain hay steamer can reduce respiratory inflammation by two thirds

Why Haygain hay steamers?

The Haygain hay steamer has been shown conclusively in scientific trials to kill harmful mould, fungal spores, bacteria and dust mites found in hay; and remove the health threat from respirable dust.  

Research has shown that 88% of horses suffer from Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) and that steaming hay with a Haygain hay steamer reduces the incidence by 65%.*

"Haygain is the only method of steaming where I am confident the hay is steamed thoroughly and reaches the required temperatures to improve the hygiene quality of hay with no detrimental effects."
Dr David Marlin, Equine Exercise Physiologist.

"...if I can remove something I know is a potential cause of any form of allergy...at limited cost...it seems like a no brainer"
Chad Davis DVM, Vet Consultant

* Dauvillier J, Woort F. T, Van Erck‐Westergren E. disease (2018) Fungi in respiratory samples of horses with inflammatory airway, Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 2018;1-8


Effects of IAD?

The signs of respiratory disease aren't always obvious.

But the effects can be numerous.

Aside from potentially high vet bills, there is considerable impact on the quality of the horse's life - coughing, nasal discharge, increased respiratory rate, increased temperature, abnormal breathing, frequent swallowing, and blood in the nostrils.

Also reduced exercise performance as well as slower recovery times.

Designed to deliver

- Double skinned thermally insulated chest 

- Unique patented spike system pushes steam to the centre outwards
- Ensures the steam is uniformly distributed throughout the hay 

- Aluminium plates at the base heat from below for optimum efficiency
- Robust steam generator ensuring chest reaches over 100 degrees
- Steamer for every size of barn (the largest steamer catering for 4+ horses)