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Haygain hay steamers can play a key role in the management of a horse with heaves. The hay is steamed throughout at temperatures of 212F which is scientifically proven to kill the main culprits of heaves; bacteria and mold spores.

In addition the airborne respirable dust (all dust particles which are small enough to be breathed deep into the lungs) are reduced by 98%. Managing a horse with heaves is no easy task especially when in a stable environment.

Haygain offers horse owners a practical, effective way of dramatically reducing the challenge to the respiratory system by turning hay into clean, palatable forage.

And let’s be honest our horses spend the majority of their time with their nose in the hay so imagine the big difference you can make if they no longer spend the majority of their time being subjected to bacteria and mold spores!!

What people say

"We’ve been using the Haygain Steamer for just over a month and It’s made ours and the horses lives so much better. The coughs have disappeared and they are all so much healthier eating steamed (hay) and we’re not wasting so much as they love it!" Caroline W.

"I love my Haygain I have always said it is the one item on the yard that we just can't do with out in fact we have just bought our second" Rebecca B.

"Excellent - would recommend to anyone, I bought my steamer to tempt my fussy mare into eating the hay I had. It was perfectly edible, but was made a few summers ago, so didn't smell as tempting as it once did ... now she's eating two full slices of my older hay, steamed, and her stable is tidy." Tamsin R.