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The Grooms
In becoming an official partner of the British Grooms Association and sponsoring The Grooms Award in North America, Haygain recognizes...
A Groom's Perspective Leads Show Jumper Mavis Spencer to Steamed Hay
Haygain recommendation from respected horsemen helps show jumper alleviate severe irritation in talented Grand Prix partner.
The Haygain Way
Hay Steamers, The Forager and ComfortStall are entry points for path to well-being and peak performance.
Renowned Veterinarian and Researcher Dr. Hilary Clayton has High Praise for The Forager Slow Feeder
The Forager is advertised as a simple slow feeding solution and Dr. Clayton's feedback after using it is equally simple....
Haygain Wishes Good Luck to all American Eventing Championship Participants
Portable HG One Hay Steamer will be awarded to Training Level Amateur Division champion.
The Air Out There
New study confirms that air pollution harms horses, too.
Steam Powered Successes in Tokyo
Seeing these equine stars dance, gallop and soar on the world's biggest stage was ample reward for Haygain's contributions. And...
Cutting-Edge Sports Medicine Practice Embraces Haygain’s ComfortStall's Many Benefits
Premier Sports Medicine Center helps injured equine athletes get back in fighting form and helps perfectly healthy horses with peak...
To Steam Or Not To Steam?
Young jumping professional goes from skeptical to completely sold on Haygain Hay Steaming.
Steamed Hay is a Constant Through an Otherwise Topsy-Turvy Time for Equestrian Artist Alizée Froment
A lot has changed for the French rider Alizée Froment in recent years. The classic dressage defender and renowned equestrian...
Coughs & Hives on Hiatus at Four Schools Farm
Experienced horsemen Joanie Morris and Richard Picken find Haygain Hay Steaming a key addition to their high-quality horse care emphasis.
If You're Hot, Your Horse is Hotter
Hot weather horse management keys on hydration, smart scheduling and maximizing breezes.
Haygain's Forager Brings Nature’s Genius to Horse Management
Innovative and extensively tested slow feeder enables stabled horses to eat the healthy way that nature intended.
Every Day Father's Day Feelings for the Ebelings
Ben Ebeling betters an already awesome experience for his Olympic father.
Haygain & USEF: Going for the Gold Standard in Horse Health
As the Official Supporter of Respiratory Health for the United States Equestrian Federation, Haygain has been walking its talk in...
Haygain Brings New Horse Health Ideas to Venerable Upperville Colt & Horse Show
Help your horse and the Upperville Colt & Horse Show by bidding on an HG One Hay Steamer.

Looking for something specific? Use the search bar in the menu at the top of the page. 

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