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Clean Forage Fuels Dressage Festival
Hay steaming heats things up on the Wellington circuit.
Now Hiring: Marketing Specialist
Haygain is a rapidly growing international company dedicated to the health and well-being of horses.
Calm & Comfort Flow from Flooring
Positive influences in the barn carry into the arena for Vermont dressage rider and stable owner.
New Year Warrants New Definition of a Clean Barn
Creating a truly clean living environment is the best, simplest and most proactive way to protect and improve horse health. ...
Winter Maintenance
Winter is here! A guide to properly care for your Haygain hay steamer in the colder months.
Boiler Maintenance: Cleaning & Descaling
A guide on how to properly clean and descale your boiler. 
Happy, healthy Holidays from Haygain
Haygain and its four legged family all around the globe wish you a very healthy and happy holiday!
New Study Details Different Effects of Soaking and Steaming Hay
Groundbreaking research related to equine nutrition began with the premise that bacterial diversity would not differ dramatically between dry hay...
No Spinach, Thank You!
It's steamed hay all the way for equine Popeye.
Hay Steaming Starter Pack Joins the Haygain Line-Up
New Starter Packs add ease and convenience to everyday hay steaming. 
Inspirations on Respiration
Equine nutrition expert navigates a sea change in understanding of equine respiratory health.
Letting Flooring Do Its Thing
Bedding traditions debunked at Sacramento-area boarding facility.            
Steamers in the Wild
Healthy horses in high-flying action.
Charlotte Dujardin in Partnership with Haygain
Dressage superstar and horse health company team up over shared priorities.
Night Moves
Innovative flooring resolves previously unsolvable hock sores that threatened dressage star's ascent. 

Looking for something specific? Use the search bar in the menu at the top of the page. 

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