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Hay Steaming Starter Pack Joins the Haygain Line-Up
New Starter Packs add ease and convenience to everyday hay steaming. 
Inspirations on Respiration
Equine nutrition expert navigates a sea change in understanding of equine respiratory health.
Letting Flooring Do Its Thing
Bedding traditions debunked at Sacramento-area boarding facility.            
Steamers in the Wild
Healthy horses in high-flying action.
Charlotte Dujardin in Partnership with Haygain
Dressage superstar and horse health company team up over shared priorities.
Night Moves
Innovative flooring resolves previously unsolvable hock sores that threatened dressage star's ascent. 
Katie Levy: Busier Than Ever
Like most experienced horse people, Katie Levy recognized the benefits of Haygain’s horse health equipment immediately. Education and experience equip...
Breaths of Fresh Air
Olympic eventer finds everyday practices extra important during recent fires.
Steamed Hay & Performance
Three reasons high-temperature steamed hay improves horses' performance.
A Familiar Feeling
Many owners dismiss an occasional mild cough as insignificant, which it usually is in people. From Nicky’s own experience, he...
Smoke Coping Strategies
Minimizing exercise and maximizing hydration are keys to preventing smoke's harmful effects. 
Donna Noce Colaco appointed Chair of Haygain Board of Directors
Renowned corporate executive brings extensive omni-channel customer experience and marketing expertise to fast-growing Haygain.
No Coughing: Less Dunking
Steffen & Shannon Peters see steamed hay resolve a mysterious cough and ease a hay-dunking habit in their dressage stars....
Celebrate Labor Day by Laboring Less!
Haygain salutes those who labor of behalf of horse health and is proud that its core products significantly lessen their...
The Upside of Downtime
Lillie Keenan capitalizes on training and health benefits of the show circuit's long pause.
Kelly Russell: Here To Help
Education and experience equip Kelly Russell to represent innovative horse health products.

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