Does your pony have a runny nose?

It's not OK for a pony to have a running nose

If your pony has a runny nose it could be a sign of Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) - which was recently found to be prevalent in 88% of horses*

Respiratory problems often go undetected. In mildly asthmatic ponies, a respiratory problem may only become apparent when the pony is asked to perform athletically. 

* Dauvillier J, Woort F. T, Van Erck‐Westergren E. disease (2018) Fungi in respiratory samples of horses with inflammatory airway, Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 2018;1-8

Other signs?

Apart from mucus from the nose you may have noticed coughing, increased respiratory rate, increased respiratory effort, flaring of the nostrils, respiratory noise at rest or during exercise, poor recovery after exercise, and lower or poor performance.

How can Haygain help? 

The same IAD study found that steaming hay using a Haygain hay steamer reduced the incidence of IAD by 65%.