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Non Shrinking Hay Net

Non Shrinking Hay Net

Non Shrinking Hay Net

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Haygain hay nets are made in the UK from infra-red, strong fixed-knot materials which are protected against UVA-rot and are resistant to ammonia for durable and long lasting use.

These specially designed Haygain hay nets have the ability to withstand temperatures of more than 100°C and are suitable for steaming in all Haygain models. Our hay nets are great for easily removing steamed hay from the Haygain units, but for feeding we recommend the Haygain Forager to promote a natural head and neck position. 

  • Netting and twine: Polyethylene
  • Ring: Nylon

* Please note: Haygain hay nets are not to be used for hanging and feeding - for feeding please see our Forager

*** Haygain units not included***

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