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ComfortStall flooring system

Improved respiratory and joint health, and a typical saving in bedding costs of 75%

Why ComfortStall?

ComfortStall offers an impressive list of benefits - improved joint health, improved respiratory health, elimination of hock sores, improved quality of rest, relief from the symptoms of laminitis, reduced need for stall bandaging, thermal insulation, less bedding (some claiming as much as 75% less), less cleaning time, and no floor maintenance required. 

Did you know?
Urea build up in the stable off-gasses as ammonia and high levels can cause bronchiolar and alveolar edema, and airway destruction resulting in respiratory distress or failure [New York State Department of Health]. 

75% less bedding?
The design of ComfortStall flooring uses a combination of a soft foam underlayer and a sealed rubber membrane, which not only provides superb comfort for your horse, but has superior thermal insulation over traditional stall floorings. This greatly reduces the need for bedding to keep your horse comfortable and warm. In fact the savings can mean a payback on your investment in less than one year!

The choice for Deeridge Farm, USA

"It’s like sleeping on a mattress, but softer." Deeridge Farms Stable Manager Carly Kaber shares her experience with the ComfortStall orthopedic flooring system. 

Deeridge Farm is a custom built show ground in the heart of North American equestrian sport, Wellington, Florida. Deeridge host the Palm Beach Masters, one of only seven North American, east coast qualifiers for the Longines FEI World Cup, as well as the Deeridge Derby, the highest level of hunter competition.

The choice for Cornell University Veterinary Hospital

1,000 horses a year at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, one of the top 3 veterinarian hospitals in USA, recover from surgery on a ComfortStall®. 

Today at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital’s Surgery and Anaesthesia Department, up to six horses a day undergo surgery, and afterward, every horse recovers on ComfortStall® flooring.

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