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What makes Haygain's hay steamers stand apart from other steamers on the market?

Haygain is the only steaming system scientifically proven to reduce respirable particles, kill mold spores including Aspergillus, as well as bacteria and dust mites. The nutritional value and goodness of the forage are maintained with improved palatability. Independent scientific tests have proven the effectiveness of Haygain steamers versus soaking in cold water or steaming with a kettle and that horses prefer the taste of Haygain steamed forage!

What is the difference between soaking and steaming?

How much water will a Haygain steamer use?

Does it matter if the hay dries out?

How long soes it take to steam the hay?

Will my horse stop coughing?

My horse does not cough and appears healthy - do I still need a Haygain?

How much does it cost to run a Haygain hay steamer?