Celebrate Labor Day by Laboring Less!

Haygain salutes those who labor on behalf of horse health and is proud that its core products significantly lessen their workload. 

Kim Miller
Equestrian writer | Sept 3, 2020

Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of American workers by giving them a break – a day off – the first Monday of September.  

Hard labor – day in and day out – is the foundation of any horse's good health. Haygain salutes the stall muckers and early morning feeders of the world. We're proud that our core products, high-temperature hay steaming and ComfortStall flooring, significantly lessen the stable management workload.

 Steamed hay was originally developed as an alternative to soaking hay, a messy and labor-intensive chore. Some still soak in hopes of reducing dust, but Haygain steaming is more effective at that, safer for the horse and significantly easier for those caring for them.

While soaking hay for 10 minutes or more can dampen down respirable particles in hay, even that short soak can increase bacterial content by 150%. Equally bad, soaking effluent is 9 times more polluted than raw sewage so it must be disposed of responsibly.

This chart summarizes the pros & cons of soaking versus steaming.

Plus, steaming is easy: Load hay in the thermally sealed chest, turn the steam generator on and let evenly circulated steam at temperatures up to 212ºF reduce up to 99% of the dust, mold, fungi, bacteria and other allergens found even in hay with good nutrient content. Improved respiratory and digestive health and better hydration and appetite are immediate benefits. 

Stop Lugging Stall Mats Around! 

 Along with joint support and comfort for deep sleep and rest, ComfortStall is a big labor saver. Only enough bedding to absorb urine is needed, meaning less shavings to pick through when cleaning and less waste to remove – from the stall every day and from the property over time.

 ComfortStall's cushioned layer of orthopedic foam is covered by a single-piece, durable rubber top cover that is sealed to the stall wall with anchor strips. Urine and other fluids can't seep through and accumulate at the stall base, as happens with traditional stall mats. Periodically removing stall mats, digging out and re-leveling the stall base are obsolete tasks.

 Preventing urine and ammonia build-up is great for barn air quality, too. Not a labor saver, per se, but possibly a life-saver – for horses and their people.

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